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Stacy Peek is a native to Texas, born and raised in Lubbock, then moved to DFW in 1989.  Her grandparents were cotton farmers in Cottle County, and her father was a small business owner, managing real estate and development in the Lubbock area.  Stacy's father taught her to work hard, work smart, and stand strong in her beliefs.  Stacy learned from her family to live with a high regard for good morals, values, honesty, and integrity.  She lives by the standard that success may come and go but integrity is forever.

​Stacy is happily married, a mother of two grown children, along with three grown bonus kids and granddaughter from her husband. 

Although Stacy and her husband are empty nesters, they remain active in their family, work, and volunteer efforts. 

Stacy has a work history dating back to when she was fourteen years old.  When her two children were in college Stacy was known to work three jobs to help both kids through school.  In years past, Stacy was a small business owner of a home decor retail store in Rockwall County.  She is currently a corporate business professional with over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare insurance and technology industry.  In her current profession, Stacy leads a large analyst team at Teladoc Health.  Teladoc Health is a multinational telemedicine and virtual healthcare company based in the United States.

As a volunteer, Stacy has a history of leading children's church Sunday school, vacation bible school, PTA school board, and dedicated many hours to serve her community. She spent time in West Africa performing humanitarian work and helping those in need.  She has assisted with efforts for Make a Wish Foundation, Rockwall County Scholastic Reading Programs, and many humanitarian efforts through her church.

Anyone that knows Stacy, understands her lifelong passion for animals.  For the past three years, she has served as a volunteer for a specialty dog rescue organization, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, here in the DFW area.  She has worked fundraiser events, fostered dogs in her home, performed adoption applicant home visits, transported animals, and worked tirelessly to care for and re-home animals in need. 

​Prior to moving to Azle, Stacy and Devin searched for what so many are currently looking for, and what is so difficult to find, a safe, friendly, quiet community, filled with beauty and natural habitat.  The moment they first visited Azle, it was love at first sight. They knew it would be their forever home.  Their immediate passion for this community stemmed from the beauty of the trees and wildlife, but one of the finest treasures they found, was an abundance of kind neighbors that are now lifelong friends. 

Family and friends come to visit Stacy and Devin, eagerly awaiting the evenings so they can watch the deer stroll by.  She is constantly reminded daily that she lives in a "slice of heaven" here in Azle, Texas.  That said, it is her mission to now Serve to Preserve this treasured gift.  

Stacy's hope is that the Azle community will come together to serve and preserve our town.  This community belongs to its citizens. We all should come together to reflect on what makes our community special,  our aspirations, goals, and vision for the future of Azle.  City leaders should then plan forthcoming growth based on the sentiments from the citizens.   


Stacy Peek
City Council  Place 3

A Message from Stacy Peek

Greetings! I want to first thank you for taking time to learn more about me and my vision for our town Azle, Texas. 

Azle is not your typical Texas town. Azle has been noted for its gorgeous canopies of trees and wildlife, surrounded by the beauty of Eagle Mountain Lake.  When you think it can't get any better than that, let's mix in a community of kind hearted, caring, giving individuals.  The kind of folks that raise their hand and wave when driving down the road.  Neighbors that greet the new family next door with cookies, or make a pot of soup when their neighbor is ill.  Azle is a charming rural town of caring individuals that volunteer when there is a need in the community.  Schools are ranked high and teachers are committed to our children.  These are the attributes that make Azle special.  My goal is to preserve these small town values, while working to improve our existing  infrastructure and grow in area's where needed.

As a business contributor and leader for for over 25 years, and a desire to safeguard our city, if elected as your City Council Place 3 Representative, I'm committed to communication efforts to our community, working with you to safeguard our citizens, and grow, while securing the rural character of our town.  I ask for your vote, and to please join me on this journey to Serve to Preserve Azle!

Working Towards a Shared Vision

Leaders and Community Come Together

Growth can be good but there is a delicate balance of preserving the community spirit and rural setting that so many of us want, while providing needed tax-base for our town. 
I've been a contributor and leader in the professional business industry for over 25 years, and have experienced many challenges such as this.  I understand the fine balance required for growth, while preserving the qualities and characteristics that sets you apart from others.  With a team that shares the same vision, and thoughtful planning, we've been successful in growing while preserving the core characteristics of an infrastructure.  I adamantly state that this cannot be managed by one person.   For Azle, it will take leaders in all capacities (Council, Chamber, School Districts, Churches) and the Azle community, to embrace and work towards a shared vision.

Tree Preservation

It's been noted that Azle is the "City Built Among The Trees".  Even before 1957 when Azle was incorporated, homes and communities within Azle were successfully built, while preserving the trees around them.   Neighboring DFW area Urban Forest Ecosystem Analysis estimate EACH tree has more than a $750 structural value.  I would propose Azle invest in an Urban Forest Ecosystem Analysis to determine the structural monetary value our trees prior to further eradication of our forested area's. 

It's imperative Azle implement measures to preserve mature trees and natural areas, protect trees during construction, and provide for the removal of protected trees when necessary.   Ordinances should be written and enforced to ensure:

  1. Azle prohibits the indiscriminate clearing of property

  2. Protect and increase the value of residential and commercial properties within the town

  3. Maintain and enhance a positive image for the attraction of new businesses and residents

  4. Preserve the rural forested character of the town

  5. That trees be protected as part of the subdivision and the platting process



One of the unique attractions to Azle is the beauty of nature and wildlife within the town.  In order to preserve our nature, Zoning and other city partners must add additional steps to our zoning provisions which help to protect our natural amenities and environmental assets such as trees, creeks, ponds, floodplains, slopes, viewscapes, AND Wildlife Habitats.


Drainage and Streets

As additional suburban development continues in our town, the natural resources (trees/rural habitat) that assist with drainage runoff, continue to diminish.

There must be provisions in place to protect and ensure the health and safety of the public and the property in times of flood.  Plat of subdivisions and commercial construction should not be approved that do not have adequate provisions for storm or floodwater runoff channels, or basins. 

Success of residential and commercial growth encompasses improvements and development of the surrounding roadways. Our housing development continues, however our roadways are not accommodating the rapid growth.   This leads to safety issues, delay's in travels, and warrants additional negative downstream effects for our community.  Focus on safe and spacious roads for our citizens should place precedence on our city agenda prior to additional considerations for housing development.   


Safe Routes to School

With additional housing developments underway, morning and afternoon traffic will increase, and more children will be walking to and from school.  Safeguarding our children and providing safe routes to school is of the utmost importance.  Children should not have to walk through streets to get to and from school.  Funding is available to assist with sidewalks and safe routes to accommodate for our growing population of children.  Children’s safety should be at the top of the city of Azle’s agenda. 


Commercial Expansion

One of the biggest challenges facing our town, is our rapid growth and how it affects us economically, as well as how it affects our community and infrastructure.  Careful considerations should be made toward future residential development while more focus should be encouraged towards the best use opportunities of commercial property development along Highway 199, granting incentives for development.


Community Engagement

Citizens of Azle should be engaged and aware of proposed developments of our town.  A community forum would provide the needed visibility for developers and town citizens to share and discuss proposed developments and zoning changes, prior to a case going before the planning and zoning committee or city council.  Developers could share their plans, and community could provide feedback.  It's imperative that leadership is transparent and accountable to the citizens.  It is a leadership obligation to ensure citizens of Azle are fully aware of the consequences of these changes and how it could affect them, their families, their property values, and quality of life.

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